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and most long lasting competitors is the black hills of south dakota. meet paul bellamy. paul bellamy is in the driver's seat. now, he appears in some histories of the united nations, and he and the interest of the black hills are always sort of the throwaway line, right? they're the stand in, the shorthand for expressing the ridiculous lengths that the american booster campaign, um, went to. how much, i spent a little time in south dakota and a little time getting to know paul bellamy and his campaign, and i came to have a different idea about this. and this was true for me of a lot of the campaigners that seemed just a little out there, right? just a little wacky to be on the list for the potential capital of the world. this is paul bellamy in 1936. you can see he's driving finishing dr -- fdr, and they are on their way to a dedication of one of the carvings on mount rushmore. bellamy was the owner of a transportation company, so it often fell to him to drive the celebrities that came to mount rushmore or other sites in the region. but he also organized tours for other visitors. he
of the earliest and most long lasting competitors is the black hills of south dakota. meet paul bellamy. paul bellamy is in the driver's seat. now he appears in some histories of the united nation and he and the interest of the black hills are the throwaway line. they are the shorthand for expressing the ridiculous claims that the american booster campaign went to. however i spent time in south dakota getting to know paul bellamy and his campaign and i came to have a different idea about this. this was true of a lot of the campaigners they seem just a little out there, a little wacky to be on the list for the potential capital of the world. this was paul bellamy in 1936. you can see he's driving fdr on their way to a dedication of one of the carvings on mount rushmore. bellamy was the owner of a transportation come any. he often drove the celebrities to other sites and the reason that also organized tours for other visitors. he was a local booster of tourism and locally beneficial projects in the planning for not rushmore to the highway sustained through the hills if you've ever visited there
through south dakota. that's also going to be a rainy day in south florida, on and off showers and thunderstorms where it will be warm and humid. bundle up in the northeast. >> all right. thanks, bill. >>> we will show you what's moving your money including boeing's big fix and what the is doing that could increase the cost of your online shopping. >>> thousands light up at a colorado marijuana celebration but when gunshots were fired there was a major public safety scare. "first look" back in three. vo: from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece, bold will make your reality a dream. >>> welcome back, everybody. here's some stories making news today. five people killed in a colorado avalanche over the weekend were all experienced snowboarders and instructors. authorities say the group was buried by some eight feet of snow saturday near loveland pass about 30 miles west of denver. >>> also in colorado, gunfire erupted at a marijuana party while revelers were celebrating the 4/20 holiday. at least two people were injured but are expected to be okay. police
through northern nebraska and south dakota. areas of yellow, you have a good chance of seeing thunderstorms up to kansas city, san antonio. and this area of red, a moderate risk of severe weather. if you're in this area, will you deal be strong storms and possible tornadoes, maybe a few strong tornadoes. this is the heart of tornado alley. oklahoma city, wichita falls, ardmore, and later heading towards tulsa. that's the biggest concern. i mentioned the snow. it will snow hard. denver up to ten inches of snow. that will spread up through south dakota. driving up through the northern plains not fun either. now for the good part, everyone on the east coast yesterdaytoas. we are 80s from miami to new york city. easily spring fever on the east coast. the midwest are the ones paying for it with severe storms later tonight. >>> let's turn to sports. they're already calling it one of the best title games of all time. the result, louisville's college basketball's national champion. early on it didn't look good. strong moves from trey burke. nice hang in the lane. there louisville was
in sioux falls, south dakota, it was remarkable to watch the reactions of the kids in sioux falls, parents, educators, and we did that same q and a when we were done. i appreciate the wonderful words of your superintendent, that was exactly the dynamic in sioux falls and that's the remarkable thing, superintendent, is that this issue knows no boundaries. this issue knows -- it doesn't know class boundaries, it doesn't know race boundaries, it's an issue regretablely that has been timeless. it seems we were all too frequently taught that bullying is simply a rite of passage, i went to christ the king grammar school in buffalo, new york, you would go behind the building and settle your scores at the end of the day and that was an accepted way of doing business. but we're learning and raising consciousness that, no, it's not an acceptable way of doing business. i've had conversations with the mother of seth walsh, of people who have literally taken their own lives and as a father of three, this isn't simply an issue of civil rights enforcement, this is something very personal. because i ca
's ever seen. 20 inches on rapid city, south dakota, breaking an all-time record since folks kept track. the same storms tore down buildings in nebraska with winds hurricane strength. it's packing violent wind and hail in the south and threatening to spoil spring temperatures across the northeast which have been great. rick rick, don't bring it here. >> it's not that cold here but we're talking about the snow. anything we talking about the snow, i want to look through the prism of where the drought is going. you see nebraska, wyoming, south dakota, colorado, very significant drought. they need the moisture. look at these numbers. 28 inches in lander, wyoming, 18 inches in boulder, nebraska, 23 inches. still seeing snow. good news we're getting it. we're not done. the storm pulls towards the east and the northern tier across minnesota, the green bay, the up. another 12 inches of snow. doesn't look like much here on the radar but tonight, a lot of snow and sioux falls, south dakota, a major ice storm. 35,000 people without power. tonight, 6 to 10 inches of snow falling on that area. we've
in south dakota. one of the songs he gave me before he passed on, on indigenous people's day in 1995, was a song that he called the blue horse special. the blue horse special is the song that i have been fortunate enough to be able to play in a lot of different performance contexts. it's a song that was made by a man named matthew too bold, a very well respected elder whose wife, ellie, just recently passed on. both of them were very well respected for their singing skills. when i thought about doing an arrangement for today, the blue horse special came to mind. i thought i wonder if i can bring a cedar flute into an air, i thought, i wonder if i can take a pala song and turn it into a reel. what i will do is sing you the original pala song, so you can hear that, then we will go into an arrangement that also includes a little something at the end for my grandparents. (singing) . >> on march 5th, 2007, a car bomb was exploded on mutanabbi street in baghdad. mutanabbi street is a mixed shia-suni area. more than 30 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded. this locale is the hi
in the exact same spots getting snow currently through north dakota and possibly sections of south dakota and minnesota. it's ridiculously cold for april in the northern plains and that continues today. the other story this week is wednesday is the key day for severe weather and tornadoes. we have to watch out around oklahoma. >> we've been warned. thank you. >>> jackie robinson continued to make history this weekend. "42" had the biggest opening weekend ever for a baseball movie pulling in $27 million over three days. "scary movie 5" made $15 million. the big win at sunday night's mtv music awards went to "silver lining playbook" and will ferrell took home comedic genius award. he accepted his trophy in a money printed three-piece suit and brought his family with him on stage. albeit a fake family. no word where he got those folks. kelly ripa revealed in an interview that she has not seen former co-coast regis philbin since he left the show. they're not best friends and hugh jackman got a scare when an alleged stalker followed him into a new york gym. she was arrested minutes later. jack
forum. he was born in 1924 in south dakota. he served in the infantry in world war for. next a discussion with mr. neuharth from the 25th anniversary of "usa today" in 2007. he's joined by judy woodruff, helen thomas and ken paulsen. from american university, this is just over an hour. >> thank you very much. it is an honor to be here. you probably can't hear this but al is whispering to me that that is much too long an introduction for the editor of "usa today." it should be three snns and out. >> that's not all i said. >> you asked if i wrote it, that's right. that's a new record. seven seconds before he interrupted me. we're going to have a fun night. it's just an honor to be here. and i'll be very brief because he will cut me off at the knees, no question about it. but i was fortunate enough to be on the first staff of "usa today" back in 1992 and though we were all optimistic and hopeful, i'm not sure any of us took for granted a 25thth anniversary celebration and to come back as editor of the paper in 2004 was an honor. we have some remarkable guests, i believe we'll ha
the restrictions on guns including arkansas, kentucky, maine, mississippi, south dakota, tennessee, michigan, montana, utah and virginia. for example, arkansas eliminating a ban on carrying firearms, south dakota is now on the school boards for our teachers and tennessee passed a law allowing workers to bring the guns to work and store them in their car. i bet you did not hear about those lost in the national mainstream media. we may soon be able to add indiana to this list, lawmakers are deciding whether to make thursdathestate the first in tho require every school to have an armed employee. and indiana house committee yesterday advanced the proposal. we are sorry, mr. president. from the looks of it most states do not in fact agree with you. do not agree with you. and that is healthy for the country. connecticut stripping gun rights from its citizens. telling us why the law did not focus on the illegal part. the question cuts and obamacare, a deadly impact on cancer patients on medicare. that's shocking story next. texas law man laid to rest as the lone star state searches for his killers.
to close. >> in south dakota almost 20 inches of snow and 6 layers of ice brought down trees and power lines. maria molina has more. >> good to see you. 20 inches rapid say south dakota no leaves. record breaking storm system. severe weather. flood set all of that is interesting. through texas and up in the great lakes as far arizona portions of new ingeland and another area. right between the snow and the areas of rain that has been coming down. ice has been accumulating across sections of kansas and parts of california. very encouraging across parts of the plains. you could be looking at over a half an inch of ice on the roadways. it's in parts of wisconsin, you can pick up a foot or more of snow. severe weather threat widespread. heather patti ann i want to show you how cold it is behind this system. take a look at the windchill temperatures. single did iing gets -- digitst feels like 5 below in denver. >> 5 below there and 70 on the other side. >> thank you maria. >> here's a question for you. how safe is your shampoo. health and environmental groups say it contains toxic chemical
reported across parts of the midwest record snow across south dakota. no in parts of south dakota and heaviest concentrated across parts of the great lakes. this is a zone you could be looking at 8-12 inches of snow the marquette area in the u.p. area of michigan parts of new york and new england a wintery mix. be careful on the roadways as you head out to work. we have a number of winter weather advisorys in effect. the severe weather risk parts of north carolina and southeastern virginia through out the afternoon hours today. this is currently a tornado watch in raleigh and north carolina. we see more tornadic activity from the storms as they push eastward. keep that in mind parts of south carolina and north carolina still under a tornado risk. you are looking at heavy rain. flash flooding is a concern out here across parts of the carolinas through the morning hours. heather, patti ann temperatures much cooler across the northeast. 70 degrees will be the high in new york city and only in the 30s in minneapolis. >> we will check in with you later. >> while you were sleeping secre
. the snowfall will continue to accumulate, especially across south dakota and nebraska today. we're actually going to see another, perhaps 6 to 12 inches of snow across parts of western and central nebraska over the course of today. and even denver will pick up a few more inches of snowfall today. look at all the lightning with these storms though across illinois, indiana, and stretching down into kentucky. we are going to see some stronger storms that way. but the biggest threat of severe weather today will be back across oklahoma especially. we'll see the possibility of large hail and even isolated tornadoes possible in that area in red from southeastern kansas right down into central oklahoma and even into northeastern texas. the area in yellow, that's an area where an isolated tornado is possible. it's more the wind gusts that could create damage and the frequent cloud to ground lightning. as we go through the afternoon and this evening, we certainly will see the chance of stronger storms in the plains today. >> and turning back to the boston bombing this is a very personal story for you
can be heard from south dakota all the way down missouri, arkansas, alabama, mississippi and most likely we still have a few storms trying to pop up south of d.c. mainly most of the activity is from around tampa down to sarasota. if you have a flight in the corridor from philadelphia, newark, jfk, la guardia, could have an hour to even two-hour delays. we'll get up into the northeast where we have winter weather advisories in effect for parts of maine, vermont, new hampshire, massachusetts, northern areas of new york state where it's icing right now. and this, well, another storm system on the way where it is still snowing with the first one in the arrowhead of minnesota, u.p. of michigan. it's hard to believe that with the storm system here in april that 28 inches fell in rapid city, south dakota. that's more snow than they've had on any day in any month in any year. and here comes the next one. another foot? are you kidding me? we are behind in the tornado count so far, which is a good thing. but we could really see the season boom in the weeks ahead. here's the first one. let's
have their consensus candidate in bruce brailey. south dakota tim johnson the latest to come out in favor of same sex marriage saying monday after lengthy consideration my views have evolved sufficiently to support marriage equality legislation. this position doesn't require any religious denomination to alter any of its tenets. it simply forbids government from discrimination regarding who can marry whom. tim johnson is not seeking re-election but could democrats face a contested primary? the democratic party is apparently split in south dakota between those who want u.s. attorney brendan johnson the son of tim johnson to run for his dad's seat or former congresswoman stephanie herseth. they've prided themselves that unlike republicans they have avoided a lot of primaries in the last few cycles. they had one in colorado in 2010 they survived but can't afford one in a place like south dakota if they have any chance of holding the seats in the general. meanwhile just three senate democrats have not backed gay marriage. louisiana's mary landrieu, arkansas's mark pryor and west virg
of marriage equality supportsers. south dakota's tim johnson says he backs same-sex marriage. that brings the total number of u.s. senators endorsing gay marriage to 54. that's out of 100. senator johnson announced last month he won't run for re-election in an increasingly red south dakota when his current term ends after next year. and we'll be right back. i'm the world's worst cleaning lady. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday. ♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills could get expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. >>> welcome back to "hardball." as i said, we're about to enter a hugely important period for president obama and the country. congress is returning from its spring break. the next few weeks in this city could determine, well, among other things the president's legacy in this country. will he be remembered for passing gun control legislation with ba
. farther east to the rockies in parts of wyoming, south dakota, colorado, nebraska, they are expecting a large storm, up to two feet in places. as that system moves to the east much of the nation's mid section will be dealing with severe storm and a high risk of tornadoes. >>> in afghanistan this weekend, a bomb attack on a convoy headed for a school killed five americans and the dead included a 25-year-old from a suburb of chicago. she was a young graduate from johns-hopkins and in the same spirit as all who volunteer to serve their country over seas she loved the idea of the foreign service. our report tonight from stephanie gosk. >> reporter: ann smedinghoff knew the risks in afghanistan. but friends and family say the 25-year-old still loved the job. >> she was so very excited to be in a place where she felt she and our country could make a positive difference. >> reporter: today the body of the young diplomat was flown back to dover air force base along with the remains of army staff sergeant christopher ward. five americans were killed on saturday when a suicide car bomber blew u
is expected to bring more severe weather. on tuesday heavy snow in south dakota led to a shutdown of i-80 due to low visibility and icy roads. in colorado, 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts tore the facade off a motorcycle dealership. and in chicago, hours of dense fog causedness dozens of flights to be either canceled or delayed. nbc's bill karins is here. bill, this is crazy weather. >> as advertised. when this storm went through the west, a bunch of people were telling me i hope the people in the midwest are ready. they knew that was going to hit the midwest hard. and temperatures are insanely crazy. right now it is 71 in st. louis. it is eight degrees in denver. i mean, that's an incredible temperature difference just for a short period across the middle of our country. and areas like dallas and abilene, temperatures have plunged. it was 93 yesterday in abilene, texas. this morning they're down to about 20. here's a look at the storm itself. it's moving out of the rockies into the middle of the country. so it's left all of the west alone. as that storm moves away, we do have another cold front
were picketed in south dakota and nebraska. strikers were beaten and tear-gassed, but they held firm. north dakota organized and the georgia dairymendum. six weeks after the sioux city strike began, it was all over. although scattered protests continued throughout the nation, they were faint echoes of the anger that spilled over at sioux city. why was the strike unsuccessful? the milk dealers could find enough milk supply somewhere to thwart the desires of the dairy farmer. so there didn't seem to be much that farmers could do to improve their general lot. not individual action, not institutional activity, not even group protests and violence. economic analyst richard gill explains why farmers couldn't find their way out of this terrible economic predicament. there are really two points to be made here. the first is that the dairy farmers in sioux city and north dakota and georgia were not being at all irrational in trying to curtail milk supplies on the market. the reason it made sense from their point of view is that the demand for milk, like the demand for most agricultural produc
inches are not uncommon. in south dakota the storm system brought snow and temperatures in the 20s. warmer weather in oklahoma spawned at least four tornadoes but no one was seriously injured. back in chicago, sump pumps are hot items. >> we've got the last one here. we got one from the front of the store. that's about it. everyone who came in behind us, i'm sure they didn't get one. >> reporter: cynthia gill and her family moved to lisle just last week. now their home is an island. their basement under water. >> my daughter floated on a mattress today to try to retrieve as much as she should. >> reporter: weather channel meteorologist mike seidel says the danger has not passed. >> although the rain and storms will end tonight in the midwest all the water has to go somewhere. it is going to run into the rivers and many of those will go over their banks into flood stage as we head towards the weekend. >> reporter: of course thunderstorms means trouble in the air. at chicago o'hare airport, more than 600 flights cancelled because of weather. brian? >> john yang reporting on the weath
. the video is from the camera guy, mike simon sen. this is sioux falls, south dakota. the one on left backs the one up on the right and his back legs get clipped by the pleebleacherd falls down. the one that seemingly wins, runs away. they're landing right and left on each other's face. the deer on the right is getting jacked in the eye and the nose. right and left, from the deer on the left. you could see, backs him into a corner like a boxer. >> his coach ran off, didn't want to take credit for it. these guys can't be too popular. no one showed up. no one is in the stands. >> also, the winner, not the most gracious of winners as well. he took off, too. >> she's the drummer without drumsticks. and this is her killer video. >> wow. >> see the ninja drummer next "right this minute." still to come, guy behind the camera wants dad to go on a little easter egg hunt. >> because i hid $200 of your money in ten different eggs. >> oh, wow. >> gives him a basket too. >> see if angry dad gets his cash back. >>> and for the ultimate wedgie jump, one pair of underwear won't do. >> were not try it with
into south dakota, nebraska. maybe a foot or two the next couple of days. we have this boundary with the showers and storms in illinois coming in toward western new york. that is going to be getting close to us tonight. tonight we've got a threat of showers. even late this afternoon some of these might just make it in toward western maryland. showing you the futurecast. we'll burn off some of these clouds. here we are at 6:00. slight chance of a shower hagerstown down to win winchester. tonight as the boundary comes through, there will be a shower here or there. tomorrow the boundary sort of near us but it's going to sink south and west. that's where the better chance of showers and maybe an isolated storm will be than in d.c. on wednesday. but wednesday night, thursday morning, this is the boundary that returns. we'll be on on the warm side of things i think to finish out the workweek but colder this weekend. so 70 for today. some areas will make the upper 70s. 60 tonight. we do have a chance. even tomorrow an isolated shower. more likely south and west of us. mid-70s. 80 on th
at the heart of what causes violence. i'm glad to see my colleague from south dakota here. she is quite a champion of gun rights and we're looking forward to hearing your comments, lady, bout the second amendment. >> i thank the gentlelady. the constitution is important to me to people in south dakota and to my family. the second amendment is very dear to our heritage. that's why i want to come to the floor today. i want to talk about how the constitution guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms. that's why i strongly support the second amendment this right isn't abstract to me it's part of my family's heritage. mrs. noem: i'm a gun owner, member of the congressional sportsman's caucus, i'll continue to fight an defend this right for the people of my district. it is there to support our national right of self-defense, it is there for resistance of oppression. it was even given to act in concert in defense. what it means to mothers an fathers what it means to us growing up in a country where people sacrificed blood and died . i've always had an enormous respect for hunting. in south
red south dakota when his current term ends after next year. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." as i said, we're about to enter a hugely important period for president obama and the country. congress is returning from its spring break. the next few weeks in this city could determine, well, among other things the president's legacy in this country. will he be remembered for passing gun control legislation with background checks for gun buyers? will history show him signing comprehensive immigration reform at some point? will he and congressional republicans work out some kind of grand bargain, call it what you want, that combines tax reform, that raises revenues, with entitlement cuts and reforms? the president's at a critical juncture. the question tonight for the republicans, are they willing to work with him at all? how does he get them onboard without scaring away democrats in the process? we have our "hardball" strategists to advise their camps. they're not going to squabble, they're going to advise. mcmahon, you're so smart. you're in the corner with the pres
to donnie fowler. >> hi. >> michael: we have all these retirements happening from iowa to south dakota, now to montana. where does this leave the democrats and which ones are they most in danger of losing. >> it leaves them a lot of territory to defend to keep that majority in the senate. they should be worried about states that obama lost. that's the south dakotas and montanas on that list. >> michael: and we were just talking with mike dennison, does schweitzer cause a glimmer of hope. >> he's more than a glimmer of hope. he got elected twice in strong campaigns. he is a montana democrat, not a national democrat. there has been strong growth of democrats who are of the state not of the democratic national party or committee. brian schweitzer is one of those democrats and i would put him as a frontrunner. >> michael: do you have a sense of how he would vote on something like background checks. it's totally hypothetical. >> i know he's a farmer and ranker which everyone in montana seems to be. >> michael: john tester is as well. >> like i said the rocky mountain democrats are representing t
anywhere from denver all the way up towards south dakota. and we're also talking a wintry mix. this is going to be very tricky travel conditions for areas right along southern parts of south dakota, as well as in the northwestern part of minnesota. we're talking sleet as well as freezing rain. back to the snow. big snow for april. we're talking nearly a foot in some of these parts. you can see the winter storm warnings in place. and we still have blizzard warnings in place, and that's because we're expecting wind gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour. that will drop down visibility. won't be able to see it. so if you don't have to go on the road, don't do it. means you can stay at home with the kids and their snow days. severe weather is going to be our big concern as we go later into the afternoon and evening. anywhere you see in this orange shading moving through oklahoma down towards texas, this is our first moderate threat for severe weather for the season. and that means we do have a possibility we could see some tornadoes out there. but even in the yellow area, that's the
weather advisories. we are looking at the chance of some spots in wyoming and south dakota to pick up perhaps nearly a foot of snow. casper, wyoming will pick up a foot. so a huge storm out that way. keep in mind, over the next 72 hours. with temperatures in the 50s and we will see drizzle at times off and on right around sunrise to around lunchtime with brief afternoon clearing, but then a better chance of seeing april showers drops in after sunset through early monday morning and the wins kick up as you get into the forecast. any chance of showers shuts down and those temperatures really climb. 70s and low 80s inland. and that is your latest forecast. lester? >> all right, dylan, thanks very much. >>> up next, the wait is finally over. the hit show "mad men" back on tv tonight. we'll get a preview right after this. has secrets. in fact ... you are looking at one of my secrets right now. new revlon nearly naked™ makeup covers flaws melting into skin to even out your complexion. so the only one who knows you have makeup on ... is you. dare to be revlon. as your life changes, fidelit
mentioned a bit earlier, south dakota democratic senator tim johnson became the 54th senator to endorse same-sex marriage today. let's look back and take a look. less than a year ago in may 2012 joe biden publicly supported same-sex marriage on "meet the press." he was way out front. prompting the president to do the same just a few days later. then nevada senator, democratic leader harry reid the next day said he, too, thought gays should be able to marry legally. fast forward to the last month. we've seen an incredible swell of support. starting with rob portman in mid-march. citing his gay son the reason to re-evaluate his position. hillary clinton three days later taped a video for the human rights campaign endorsing same-sex marriage. then came senators mccaskill, rockefeller, tester, hagan, casey, carper, kirk, bill nelson, heitkamp, donnelly and today tim johnson. three have not backed it. louisiana's mary landrieu, arkansas' mark pryor and senator manchin. why does it seem to happen day after day after day? is it a big plus for democrats? >> it's a big plus for democrats. republicans
in south dakota, where mike brouns is already in the race. there are problems in montana and iowa. they're dipping into the second tier of candidates. baucus has never been popular in washington. at best, democrats treated him with respect because they feared him and his power in the finance committee, but the guy was disciplined, raised a will the of money and in an odd way, parts of the democratic party are somehow ecstatic today that he's retiring. democrats right now appear more prepared to land a good candidate in former governor brian schweitzer than republicans do, although that is still far from settled. republicans have the same problem today they had yesterday before baucus announced. they don't have a top tier candidate and the bench is fairly thin for republicans in montana. the only big name they think they have a better shot at is the form rer governor, mark rosco. but it's been a while since he ran a race there. meanwhile in iowa, where senator tom harken is retiring, republicans are now having to dip into the second and maybe third tier of candidacies. can't think jugger
gone down? if you going to point to south dakota, look, they're doing it great in south dakota, come on, with all due respect, nobody knows how this thing works. they're missing every deadline there is. the democrats made a fundamental error when they set up. they didn't get a single republican to vote with them. they slammed it through. they own it. they will pay the price in the next election. >> congressman, you look at the long-term trend the fact that medicare costs are down. they had to revise the provisions, it's down now partly because of the law. >> you are living in an alternate universe. everybody is saying -- a lot of people are seeing double digit increases in premiums. >> igor, i got to agree, look, you know more about the details than i do. let me go over to guy, every time i pick up the newspaper, premiums are going up. now, they ma be going up because they know there's going to be price controls and rationings in a couple years. they may be going up because they know they have to pay all these mandate, one size fits all. they may be going up because they have to take pe
these whiteouts on the roads of the border of south dakota and minnesota tonight. that system is moving east of the heartland. abc meteorologist, ginger zee is here now, tracking this front. you were telling me, this is a mess on both sides of this front. >> right. the north side and the south side. we've had the blizzards conditions in the northern plains. those are going to continue for at least the next 24 hours. northern minnesota, north dakota, you're getting the snow and wind. as this moves to the east, it becomes rain and storms for the east coast. so, it's not going to stay all cold. but still going to change up that pleasant weather we've had. back to that snow total because bismarck has already had in the area of a foot. six to nine inches on top. fargo, international falls, minneapolis won't get too much more out of it. >> and severe weather warnings into tomorrow? >> yes. and there's a different system that's created problems north of orlando. we've seen tornado warnings. reported waterspouts off the panhandle of florida. tonight, we have a little -- kansas city to st. louis. wat
to south dakota, up to a foot of snow today. >> poor, but it is nice. >> it will melt fast in april. >> you're doing triple duty today? >> of course. >>> sequester cuts could effect the fight against terror. a man is arrested carrying a bb gun near president obama, and a dramatic rescue of a driver in a big rig dangling from a bridge. "first look" is back in three. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. heart-healthy, whole grain oats. by earning a degree in the field maof counseling or psychologyth from capella university, health. you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at for over 75 years people ...with geico... ohhh...sorry!. director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75
. >> reporter: at denver's airport more than 500 flights canceled today. meanwhile in south dakota, freezing rain coating the trees and snapping limbs, knocking out power. on the west coast, strong winds are expected to pick up again tonight. after gusts near 90 miles an hour sparked fires, knocking out power to thousands, and toppling trees, including this 50-foot pine in patterson, california, that fell on a teenager. wildlife at risk too, knocking these endangered baby owls right out of the nest. all while in the east, it's sudden summer. temperatures near record highs. paired with dry conditions causing these brush fires right off a major highway in new jersey. in washington, d.c., the cherry blossoms are officially at their peak today, a perfect day to enjoy them, with the high temperatures in the 80s, 20 degrees above normal. and that is sudden summer. if you need proof the western front is powerful, look at the temperatures on either side. one side, laredo, texas, 107 degrees. on the other side, amarillo, at about 35 degrees. here's where the storms move tomorrow. along the front, tra
weather tuesday. heavy snow in south dakota led to a shutdown of interstate 90 due to low visibility and icy roads. and colorado, 60 mile an hour wind gusts tore the facade off a motorcycle dealership. >>> in shaug, hours of dense fog caused flights to be canceled or delayed. as i've been saying this morning, good thing bill karins is here to join us. you have something for everybody. >> three things. what is most impressive. 90 in d.c., a foot of snow in minneapolis or the fact that abilene, texas, was 93 yesterday, 1 hours a2 hours ago they're 36. >> take your pick. >> it's an extreme day. dallas, texas, your temperatures dropped 20 degrees as this cold front is going through. look at the temperature in st. louis, 70. look at denver, 9 degrees in denver right now. one of the coldest april mornings you ever recorded. we have the crazy extremes out there. it could be 90 degrees in dallas. the cherry blossoms just popped out in a hurry yesterday with temperatures in the 80s. a little bit of showers early this morning in new england. we could get another round later today. bring that u
trees in south dakota sending heavy branches crashing into homes, cars and power lines. but it was a much different scenario on the other side of the country as temperatures soared here in northeast. people hit the outdoors to soak up the sun. myself included. some headed to the beach. and others even broke out the tank tops. from new haven, connecticut, to new york city, they were basking. temperatures topped 80 degrees. >> 80 degrees. in central park in a bathing suit. can i ask -- was it a bikini or were you really getting the sun? >> a bikini, i wasn't alone. everyone was in bathing suits. >> wow. wow. >> we are just so desperate for the warmth. >> i believe we have a picture, can we put it up? did you just have a heart attack? >> yes. >> good. >> another warm day. showers and storms later, new york, d.c. philly, pittsburgh, cleveland. heavy storms in dallas to st. louis. some of the dakotas. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> 50s, seattle, salt lake city. mostly 40s in the middle of the country. 80s from new orleans to here in new york. >>> all rig
more than a foot of south across parts of south dakota. it is still coming down. elsewhere in the state, trees layered in in a thick layer of ice, crushing down power lines and two dozen tornadoes reported in colorado. the winds so powerful they torah part a harley-davidson dealership in pueblo. >>> quite a different side on the other side of the country. people hit the outdoors soaking up the sun and others broke open the tank tops. new york city got up to 82, just shy of a record. >> loving thatment >> you were out in central park. >> i was. i loved every second of it. >> me too. >>> time now for the weather across the nation. another warm day here in the northeast. late day showers and thunderstorms around new york, d.c., philly, pittsburgh and cleveland. severe storms from dallas all the way to st. louis. and as we mentioned, even more snow in the dakotas. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >>> 50s in seattle and salt lake city, mostly 40s in the middle of the country, 80s from new orleans to new york. >>> and coming up, why big banks are sending billions back to home
of people are without power. thousands are also in the dark in minnesota and south dakota, thanks to the latest black of snow and ice there as well. a utility pole snapping under the weight of the heavy ice on those poles. across sioux falls, a state of emergency declared. it could take weeks to recover from that rm sstorm. >> and more of the same could be on tap today. severe storms for new orleans, nashville, and the ohio valley. a chance of tornadoes from atlanta to montgomery. heavy rain in chicago and detroit. up to ten inches of snow around minneapolis. >> mostly 50s in the northwest. 40s from omaha to kansas city. 70s from new orleans to baltimore. here's one of the leave it to the professionals file here. comes from the florida everglad everglades. >> that's where a tour guide jumped out of his boat just to wrestle what turned out to be a ten-foot python. he says, when he saw it swimming through the swamp, his instincts took over, and he ran for it. >> when he had a firm grip on the neck, his partner cut his head off. he said pythons don't belong in the everglades, and he
revenue and much less unemployment. john: alaska florida and nevada south dakota and texas washington wyoming tennessee new hampshire all have no state tax and growing better than the tax states? >> not all of them there are other policies that matter to of those states do have and an earned income tax and three of those are not right to work so there are other factors but yes, they are doing very well. >> and illinois and california is on the road to greece. >> that would be insulting to greece. >> phil mickelson made $60 million last year took a lot of grief when he said my tax rate is 60% i have to make decisions. >> i don't know why he took a brief for that. it is a true statement. john: people say that you will save $8 million but you have millions how much do you want? to make you can give away to who you choose but to give it to the people in sacramento is a travesty like feeding rats in your basement. you shouldn't do it. you don't want these creatures to breed and multiplied. a a a problem like giving money to tobacco companies. it is terrible. >> other celebrities were more
. >> leaving behind icicles more than an inch thick. >> reporter: in rapid city, south dakota, a record snowfall. more than two feet. and they still have no idea when they may be able to return to their home. like so many other places affected by the severe weather, the focus is on the clean-up. >> thanks so much. >>> next tonight to washington and the david versus goliath battle over gun laws in america. a vote today with a kind of milestone. on one side the nra with their power and money and a lot of republican backing. on the other side, families of the children and educators of newtown, connecticut, wielding the power of their grief. the issue is this. would republicans block a vote on any kind of gun control? today the families won a small victory. here's jeff zeleny. >> reporter: it's been 118 days since ben wheeler was killed at sandy hook elementary school. and today, it was his face -- the face of a 6-year-old -- looking over the senate floor at as lawmakers voted to begin the most significant congressional gun debate in two decades. >> the motion is agreed to. >> reporter: the
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